Business Data Inc. Selects Delphax Technologies as Growth Catalyst for Its Direct Marketing and Transactional Printing Services

BDI makes long-term investment in the Delphax elan™ 500 digital color print system

 BDI joins growing list of satisfied Delphax elan 500 customers,  including Prime Data and CompuMail Inc.

Minneapolis – February 18, 2016 – Delphax Technologies Inc (OTC: DLPX), a global provider of high-speed digital printing equipment, today announced that southern California-based Business Data Inc. (BDI) has selected the Delphax elan™ 500 digital color print system as a growth catalyst for BDI’s direct marketing and transactional printing services. BDI joins a growing list of satisfied customers of the elan 500, including Prime Data and CompuMail Inc.

The Delphax elan 500 full-color duplex sheet-fed digital system offers unparalleled speed and versatility at up to 500 duplex letter images per minute. Powered by advanced Memjet technology, every stationary printhead on the elan 500 has 70,400 jets that produce up to 700 million drops of ink per second for exceptional print performance. The elan 500’s versatility allows printing on a wide range of substrates, from 20 to 130Ib (60 to 350 gsm) and up to 8 x 8 to 18 x 25.2 inches (203 x 203 mm to 450 x 640 mm-SRA2). Duplex printing is performed at full speed with no degradation due to the unique SST paper path.

“BDI invested in Delphax’s innovative printing technology to serve as a profitable growth catalyst for our company’s direct mail and transactional statement printing services,” said Paul Holtzman, president of Business Data Inc. “The Delphax elan 500 is a game-changer for us that delivers real tangible benefits, not only in print quality and flexibility, but also in creating new markets for us to enter. Now that we are able to cost-effectively print in-house up to 500 A4 images per minute at up to 1,600 dpi, we are further differentiating ourselves in our industry and more rapidly serving our clients.”

“BDI joins the growing list of forward-thinking customers who have chosen the Delphax elan 500 to help drive new growth and profitability in their business,” said Steve Hubbard, vice president of sales and marketing at Delphax Technologies Inc. “With CYMK, up to 2 spot colors and our patented MICR technology, the elan 500’S applications are only limited by the imagination of one’s designs. We are looking forward to shrinking BDI’s production times while delivering full-color duplex variable printing at a price and quality previously unavailable.”


The Delphax elan 500 combines major advances in inkjet and paper-handling technologies in a robust production class sheet-fed system offering full CMYK color and 1600 dpi print quality at speeds of up to 500 letter impressions per minute.

The Delphax elan 500 eliminates the need for pre-printed shells, combining printing and personalization at the same time and offering full-color duplex in one pass. It is a lower-cost alternative to offset printing and color laser, plus eliminates the cost of warehousing and over-printing shells.


CompuMail Inc. prints nearly 100 million collection letters annually. In order to increase productivity, lower cost, and drive more flexibility in media support with a digital printing solution, CompuMail chose Delphax Technologies printing solutions.

“The Delphax elan 500 has allowed us a 94% increase in productivity,” Sam Andreasen, CompuMail Information Services. “Normally the ROI on a press of this size is seven years. With the elan 500, we are able to realize a return in five years because of the low acquisition cost and increased productivity.”

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About Business Data Inc.

Established in 1984, Business Data Inc. (BDI) began specializing in the laser-printing, mail and archival support of critical documents for financial institutions. BDI delivered these services and built client confidence through secure and timely delivery. Services grew to include complex data mining and processing, document design and composition, electronic statements, digital archive, intelligent mail-shop, in-house postal sort operations, database marketing, press printing and more. Today, BDI provides critical document solutions with a further focus on marketing potentials and innovations for web-based presentment. From content security to the final steps of electronic, mail and archive delivery, BDI innovates where needed and provides the delivery and performance its customers require in a competitive marketplace. For more information, please visit

About Delphax Technologies Inc.

Delphax Technologies Inc. (OTC: DLPX) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of advanced digital print production systems. For more than 35 years, Delphax has pioneered high-speed digital imaging innovations for publishers, direct marketers and other commercial print customers. For more information, please visit

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